We are trying to be more aware when it comes to caring for our environment and the people within it.

Here are a few reasons why we state The Goodvibe Collective as 'conscious clothing'. 

Firstly, our prints consist of conscious messages that we are putting out into the world, trying to make people conscious of their words, thoughts and impacts onto others and their environment. By wearing our clothing, it can create positive conversations and connections with people.

Our clothing is made to order, therefore no waste is involved with holding excess stock and unused items. You can enjoy shopping with a conscious perspective.

When it comes to our product's and printing we try to ensure we have made some of the best choices. All Goodvibe Collectives  product's are printed onto AS Colour cotton which use hand-picked factories in China and Bangladesh with safe, fair, legal and humane working conditions. Their supply chain is completely transparent so they know exactly where their materials come from and the people that produce them. All of their suppliers are also completely child labour free. 

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All the Goodvibe Collectives product's are printed using high quality digital print which is printed direct onto the garment (not transfers) using a computer printer. 

Digital printing is 100% Non Toxic water based ink. This means it is the safest printing option for children and babies. 

 Our New Zealand owned and operated supplier uses bolder, brighter Innobella Textile Inks that are water-based pigment inks and are Okeo-Tex Eco-Pass certified and CPSIA compliant. They have exceptional washability if cared for correctly. The result is a great looking garment that looks brighter for longer with proven washability as evidences by AATCC wash tests, where our supplier inks score 4.0 or higher on every test. 

Our supplier recycles everything they possibly can to help reduce waste.

We use no plastic packaging or marketing. All of our marketing material is made from recycled card or paper. We also use r3 pack courier bags which are compostable.

We are not by any means claiming to be 100% sustainable.

We are just trying to do our bit, like we all should be.